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About Me

Hello, I am Ben Davies the founder of Simply Lean Coaching; my mission is clear and simple.

I believe in a sustainable approach to achieving your performance and fitness goals. I do not utilize shortcuts that yield short-term results.

Instead, I use a methodical approach by applying evidence-based knowledge, principles, and strategies whilst taking advantage of the latest fitness technology to provide my clients with a first-class experience.

By becoming a Simply Lean client you will be working with me on a very personal level.

This allows me to build a strong healthy relationship with you to provide you with a tailored program and the flexibility to meet your personal needs.

I thoroughly enjoy connecting with people on a personal level which allows me to marry my social skills with my 10 years of training experience to provide you with achievable long-term results.

To find out more about me, please visit my youtube channel and other social media platforms linked below.


10 years of training experience.


An evidence-based approach to training & nutrition.


The mission is plain & simple – I want to provide you with the tools to achieve your body composition & performance goals. 

Ben is super knowledgeable, encouraging, and very strategic with his programming. I felt he had a good grasp of what I wanted to achieve and laid out an achievable journey.

Tom C, 33