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Training Programmes

Premium 1-1 Online Coaching

From Ben Davies

Premium 1-1 coaching includes bespoke customised training programs, nutrition optimization, in-app messaging & weekly in-depth reviews on performance & progress.

Strength & Conditioning

From Ben Davies

This 6-week strength & conditioning program is designed for lifters to build muscle, increase strength and improve performance across multiple compound lifts.

Fat Loss Program

From Ben Davies

This 12-week fat loss program consists of a four-day weight training split with integrated HIIT cardio sessions.

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Frequently asked Questions

What does online coaching involve?

It involves customised programming, nutrition optimization & frequent support via in-app messenger, and weekly phone call reviews. I take pride in providing a service that can methodically take my clients step by step through their fitness journey to achieve outstanding body composition & performance goals.

How do you deliver my online coaching?

All your coaching & programming will be delivered through an App. The technology in the app allows for a smooth frictionless coaching delivery. In conjunction with this, you will receive an in-depth weekly review call with me. 

Do you take on female clients? 

Yes, I have experience working with both men & women. 

How much does online coaching cost? 

The premium 1-1 coaching costs £100 a month, this also comes with a cancel anytime policy. The other programs such as the “12-week fat loss” and the “strength & conditioning challenge” are one-off payment of £49.99. 

Is the plan truly customised?

Absolutely, everyone has different fitness & nutrition needs thus I take pride in using my experience & expertise to create a tailored-made training program to meet your personal requirements. Upon signing up you will receive an online consultation form & a scheduled onboarding call with me. This onboarding process will allow me to fully understand what your goals are therefore in conjunction with your customised program I can lay a strategic path to your fitness goals.